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[Live performance]

・ Voice percussion performance that uses only voice and breath

・ Multiple recording performance in which the sound produced is recorded on the spot and the sound is overdubbed in a loop playback state.

・ Physical expression unique to Japan, uniquely arranged based on the experience of kendo / sword fight / martial arts dance


Making full use of these, the one and only solo

Show off music and show performance.

Also, playing and dancing with all kinds of Japanese and Western instruments

Unique style such as collaboration of images etc.

We also develop various stages that make use of it.

In addition, with special technology that creates sound effects by voice, even action sounds, natural sounds, and breathing in theater.

It expresses a unique emotional live sound effect production.


[Party event business trip appearance]

In addition to voice performance

Rhythmic music and impactful sword dance.

The content will be staged according to the customer base.

・ Songs that are famous for families and songs for children

・ Vocal percussion experience corner that you can easily put out

・ Loop experience corner created by recording sound on a machine

・ In addition, venue-integrated production, etc. according to your needs


[Business trip workshop / lesson / lecture]

We will give you a business trip lesson for voice percussion.

A cappella student circles, working groups, etc.

From beginner pronunciation to experienced performance advice.

Also, from a unique perspective that goes beyond the a cappella

We also have a cappella group band clinics.

Music development as a voice percussion performance!


[Art appreciation event-school performances, facility performances, etc.]

We also receive requests from schools and PTAs.

From nursery school to high school,

We also perform at welfare facilities.

Overseas school performances have also been well received, and

Beyond language and race, you can enjoy it with your senses, not your head

The easy-to-understand and unusual music performance is attractive.

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