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Voice Performer /

Vocal Percussionist /

Human Beatboxer /

Sword Performer /


An artist who creates various sounds with only voice, including Beatbox and Vocal.


Using the organic sound peculiar to human musical instruments and the lyrical feeling unique to Japanese,

Draw original fantasy music with the theme of "breath of life".

He heals the listener from the inside by echoing the sound and music,

In order to increase the potential of human beings, we advocate a person who guides with sound, "Kyodoshi".

Pursuing original sound art.


Rhythm section of music ensemble in a wide range of genres

Voice sound effects that add emotion to the sound effects of the theater stage, etc.

He develops a wide range of expression activities beyond every scene.



-Solo Project-


In solo, which is the main axis of activity, only one microphone is used

In addition to creating and expressing voice performance works,

By overdubbing performance that makes full use of the loop machine

We will build a world of wide-ranging sounds that are overlaid with voice and breath on the stage.


Also, as a performer, he values ​​individuality and beauty in physical expression.

A unique gesture that makes use of the experience of martial arts and sword fighting action

It has been well received as a visual effect.






[Name] Waccha-Waccha-

[Birthday] October 23

[Origin] Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

[Hobbies] Painting, DIY, cooking, visiting Japanese sweets

[Special skill] Kendo 2nd stage, Yoneyama style sword fighting


~ Foundation of expression ~

1981 >>

・ Born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

1986 >>

・ Start Kendo (Practice at Ayawakai Dojo for 7 years until 12 years old)

1991 >>

・ Interested in art and exhibited at an exhibition at an elementary school in the city with paintings

1999 >>

・ Start acoustic guitar.

2001 >>

・ I attended the guitar course of the YAMAHA classroom for two years and played the first stage.


~ A cappella ~

2001 >>

・ Entered the Faculty of Architecture, Kokushikan University.
・ While studying architectural design, started a cappella from the net circle.

2002 >>

・ Self-taught voice percussion.

2003 >>

・ Virtually withdraw from the net circle. Japan's leading a cappella circle,

Joined "Waseda University Street Corner Symphony" and studied.

Experience all genres of music through a cappella.

2005 >>

・ Japan's largest a cappella event "Japan A'cappella Movement"

(Hereafter JAM) Participated in two groups in the main race.

2006 >>

・ Participated in "JAM" for the second consecutive year. (Cranberry Cafe)


-Development of activities for independence and solo-


2007 >>

・ Graduated from Street Corner Symphony.

Once left the a cappella scene and became independent, as a voice percussionist

Beyond nationality and religion such as gospel in bands, classical music and Japanese musical instruments

Repeated co-starring activities with various performers.

2008 >>

・ In pursuit of unique "sound art"

Started solo activities as a solo project "Waccha-Waccha-" .

(Two years later, loop overdubbing was introduced)

2009 >>

・ Joined the a cappella group "Murasaki no Ue ♪" (hereinafter referred to as "Mu ♪").
Developing activities with a cappella and solo packages.

Visit shopping malls, corporate events, halls, facilities, etc.

Expand the scope of activities from the Kanto area to all over Japan.

-From the sound expression of voice to the world of Japanese-


2010 >>
・ Recent collaboration activities have been well received, and due to the consensus of the emotional world view, he mainly performs with Japanese musical instrument players such as Tsugaru shamisen, koto, shakuhachi, and Japanese drums.

・ Go to Sado Island alone to learn about Japanese culture and the world of taiko, and after screening

Participated in a training camp sponsored by Eiichi Saito, a member of the world-famous drum group "Kodo".


・ Participated in the Japanese art group "KIRIE" and performed at Design Festa.

Since then, he has appeared in large club events in Tokyo such as Duo and WOMB.

・ Samurai performance group that interweaves dance with sword fight and sword dance

Co-starred with a performer in charge of sound effects in "Great Den or -IDEAL-".

Appeared in large-scale events at Akasaka x Yokohama BLITZ, Club Asia, O-EAST, etc.

Taking this opportunity, he began to produce "lyrical and delicate sound effect production" by voice.


2011 >>

・ To learn more Japanese performing arts and physical expressions
An introduction to the rehearsal hall opened by the sword fighter, Yuki Yoneyama.

After that, he received guidance on Yoneyama style sword fighting for four years.


2012 >>

・ Appeared in the New Year's event, Furusato Matsuri, at Tokyo Dome. Since then, he has participated every year.


・ Started a career as a voice percussion instructor.

Explains rhythm performance in ensembles such as a cappella from basic sounds.

Became a lecturer on business trips to university circles.


2013 >>

・ Repeat appearances as guests and judges at various a cappella events .

~ Overseas expansion ~

2014 >>

・ Officially joined the Japanese art group "KIRIE" as a musician and performer.

Repeated Japanese event appearances at Ginza Mitsukoshi, New Chitose Airport, Roppongi Hills, etc.

・ Overseas expansion. It has been held for 10 years in Paris, France,
Performed at Japan Expo in Paris, a world-famous Japanese culture festival.

・ The difference in activity policy spreads, and withdraws from Murasaki no Ue ♪.


2015 >>

・ Appeared in Japan Expo in Paris , concurrently serving as KIRIE, Weiden, or Solo.

Complete 10 stages in total in 4 days.

In addition, he will play a big stage on the main stage of a great story or 10,000 people.


2016 >>

・ Third year of the French expedition.

In addition to appearing at Japan Expo for the third consecutive year, he completed a small theater performance by KIRIE alone in Paris and a live performance with Masayoshi Takahashi, a koto player living in Paris.

2017 >>
・ Appeared on Japan Expo for 4 consecutive years. The number of local fans has begun to increase.

・ Japanese culture event "HYPER JAPAN" to be held in London, England
First appearance in. He also plays the main stage at KIRIE and personal sessions with local musicians.

・ After a studio recording with Masayoshi Takahashi during my summer stay in France,

In the fall of the same year, the duo album "Kotobuki" was released by TAKAHASHI LABEL.


2018 >>

・ Introduction to the Hokushin Ittou style swordsmanship, a famous traditional martial art in one of the three major dojos in Edo.

Contracted with the production as a music artist .

Registered and posted in the talent directory of the entertainment site "narrow" according to the affiliation.


・ At Stravinsky Hall, a jazz sanctuary in Montreux, Switzerland
Music adopted for the show of French Japanese brand "Aoi Clothing".

Waccha's composition "Hotaru" and others from the album "Kotobuki" with Masayoshi Takahashi

Performed by him and Swiss musician Alexandre Dai Castaing.


・ Appeared as KIRIE in Japan's largest Japanese cultural event "Jap Ani Manga Night" in Davos, Switzerland.


・ Appeared on Japan Expo for 5 consecutive years. In addition to appearing on thousands of stages as KIRIE

While handling voice percussion that is not a Japanese instrument at the traditional Japanese booth "WABISABI"

The big bird on the final day is appointed by solo performance. (3 years in a row)

In addition, he hastily completed co-starring with the video performance team KAIEN and Japanese musical instrument players.


・ Performed at various bars such as Abracada bar and Le Neute during the French expedition.


・ UAE first expedition. Performed at the Japan Pavilion in GAMES CON ME, the largest game event in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi.


2019 >>

・ Cambodia's first expedition. Performed at Kouk Chres Elementary School in Samrong, Udominchai.


・ France Japan Expo 6th year appearance.


・ Performed at KIRIE's "Three-dimensional Ukiyo-e Exhibition" solo exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum


2020 >>

・ At the request of international dancer Katsumi Sakakura, she participated in the stage work “The Life of HOKUSAI”, which depicts the half-life of Katsushika Hokusai, as a musical cooperation.


・ He will make his seventh appearance at the Japan Expo in France, which has been revived after the corona period.


・ He teamed up with the sword fighting group "Toya Ichi" and toured several European countries in two months.

Toured Europe.

・ An accident occurred in Barcelona, Spain, the second country of the tour.

He suffered a serious Achilles tendon rupture during PV shooting and left the tour.

After surgery and recuperation there, he was given permission from his doctor to perform without using his legs, and returned to tour from Japan Expo in France.

He hurriedly completed a total of 14 stages in France and Croatia using a chair.

As a result, he led successful stages in four countries: Padua (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France) and Rab (Croatia).

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