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MOVIE (from YouTube)

--Music Video -

Wind Through Stars

Kazamai Music Video


KIRIE The 1st Promotion Video

Black Hoof

The 2nd Music Video

Land Of Illusion

The 1st Music Video

--Live Performance -

Waccha Solo "Kaleidoscope" (Voice Loop Recording Performance)

2018.07 Gig at Blue Mood (Shiodome Tokyo, Japan)

Waccha Solo "HOMURA-" (Voice Loop Recording Performanc)

2016.05 Gig at WOMB (Shibuya Shibuya, Japan)

Waccha with Daisuke Kitagawa (Action & Voice Performance)

2018.10 Middle East Games Con ME ( Abu Dhabi, UAE)

KIRIE France Tour (Japanese Art Performance)

2015.07 Japan Expo 16 (Paris, France)

Gaho x Waccha (Koto & Loop Voice Performance)

2017/07 Hyper Japan (London, UK)

Waccha Showing at Kouk Chres School

02.2019 Cambodia

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